If you’re an average Singaporean working at a 9-5 job, and you’re wondering if there’s a way that you make a consistent side income without affecting your day job…

Then Read On... Because In A Minute, I’m Going To Reveal To You How Hundreds Of Average Singaporeans Are Making A Steady Income On The Side By Trading Using Our Proprietary Trading Method from the comforts of their own home

(in fact, don’t take my word for it…I'll be showing you a couple of case studies in a LIVE setting from some of our previous students in Singapore)

Aaron Yeo

Presenter and Education Director

The best part is that these students of ours need nothing more than just a laptop/ipad, and a good wifi connection to trade the financial markets.

But before I get into that, let me introduce myself real quick -

My name is Aaron Yeo, and I’m one of the Principal Traders at Online Trading Academy, which is one of the biggest and most globally recognized trading academies in the world.

We specialize in all types of trading, including Forex, Options, Stocks as well as Futures...simply because our Propietary Trading Method of Supply and Demand can be used for Short Term Income or Long Term Wealth on any asset classes. 

(Our Online Trading Academy Singapore Campus, located at Aperia Mall Kallang)

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But I know what you’re thinking right now…

as featured on:

Over 40 Training Centers all around the world, including;

United States, Canada,United Kingdom,Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Mumbai, Jakarta and Singapore.

And you’re absolutely right - loads and loads of people DO lose money trading - doesn't matter if it's Forex or Options, or anything else for that matter.

Every single day, someone is going broke trading.

That statement is absolutely true - no doubt about it.


On the flipside, you’ve probably also heard of those who made it big in the trading world - earning thousands of dollars in profitable trades every single month…

…working from just their laptops, having time and financial freedom to spend with their family and loved ones

My question to you is this -

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between profitable traders and those who lose money?

I’ll tell you right now what that difference is -

The profitable traders are able to identify the “footprints” of banks and large financial institutions and follow their trades (which in turn, makes it extremely profitable)

In other words, we trade like the banks and large institutions!

 (And we get access to the same type of “unfair” information and resources that make them loads of money)

Traders who lose money rely on many other external indicators that are not reflective of the proper workings of the system…in other words, they’re trying to figure out how to make money without any of the access that we have to resources like the big boys!

That’s a complete recipe for disaster…and that’s also the same reason why they cannot consistently profit from their trades

Which brings me to my next point - 

“Aaron, what’s so special about Online Trading Academy over the other trading academies out there?”

We’re different from others simply because we have a long track record of successful traders, and many other Senior Principal Traders who have been making a lot of money from the market for the past 10 years

They form our foundational team and they’re the ones who teach us Trainers to become successful traders.

In fact, the management of Online Trading Academy is so dedicated to perfecting the art of trading that they’ve decided to put their money where their mouth is

We are the only trading academy in the world with our very own Patented “Supply & Demand” Core Strategy!

Now you know why we’re far more successful than the average trader out there

Because we’re not just lonely traders - we have access to the best mentors and resources from our office all over the world!

How would you like to see if this can work for you?

If whatever you’ve read so far up till this point has kind of piqued your interest…

…you’ve seen our case studies and seen for yourself how we’re different from the other academies teaching the FOUR types of trading

…and perhaps you’d like to see if trading might be right for you, and get started on your journey to building a steady income stream

Then I’d like invite you down to our exclusive Full Day Trading Intensive Workshop

Here are the few things that you’ll be learning at this Full Day Intensive Workshop

And.... Finally, You Get To Hands On and Trade LIVE Market using our Patented Strategy

How to identify Buying and Selling price points of Banks & Institutions:  

#Clue 1: Banks & Institutions don't chase price, they only trade at a certain price range when they trade the financial market.

Why and How Manipulations are real: Live demonstration of How Banks and Institutions manipulate the financial market.

Market Traps: How Banks and Institutions have to manipulate the novice to be at the opposite side of their trade all the time. Are you one of them?

How to identify points where supply and demand are out of balance and price is about to move.

How to pick low-risk, high potential entry points for your trade and apply "Risk Management" to protect your capital.

How to apply a simple rule-based strategy to any asset class including stock, options currencies and futures.

How to build a successful trading plan for any time frame, from daily/weekly income to retirement security

(all Tradestation provided, need not bring laptop*)

PLUS...We have 4 more bonus especially for this particular batch


Fully Cusomized Trading Plan

How We Make Consistent Profits By Thinking, Behaving, and Trading Like The Banks & Institutions

By Sam Seiden, Founder & Creator of OTA Patent Strategy

BONUS #3: Video


Full set of printed notes

accordingly to your lifestyle and goals.

(A designated Coach will be assigned to you to plan your trade plan)

BONUS #4: Video

including Our Proprietary 3 Step Process to Locate Supply and Demand on the price chart

How We Make Profits LIVE in front of our students by Trading LIVE using Our Patented Strategy of Supply and Demand

By Jeff Manson, Master Instructor of OTA

How much is the investment for this Full Day Trading Intensive Workshop?

The investment for this is usually priced at SGD 199

And to tell you the truth, that’s a hell of a bargain…considering the fact that equipped with the knowledge that we’re teaching you in this class, you’re in the position to make back your investment sum…every single month.

But this is the part where I spill the good news...

The good news is that the Online Trading Academy Headquarters in California, USA is celebrating their anniversary this August

And to commemorate it, they’re sponsoring 70% of the course fees for any sign-ups in the month of August.

Which means that you’re not going to be paying SGD 199 for this Workshop

No sir…

Your investment for this Workshop is going to be a paltry SGD $59

That’s right…$59 SGD for a Full Day Intensive Trading Workshop

So that’s the good news

The bad news is that, as with every class, we limit our sign-ups to only 30 participants to ensure that each participant gets enough attention and interaction with our Principal Trainers

And as you can imagine, the moment we put this offer out online, we’ve had a barrage of sign ups

Right now, we still have a couple of slots left, but I imagine it won’t be long until they’re all gone

So if you’d like one of the 70% Sponsored Slots at only SGD $59 instead of the usual fees, click the button below and one of our staff will be in touch with by the end of the day.


If you skipped all the way to the bottom, here's a summary of what we've discussed:

1 Full Day Intensive Workshop focusing on our Patented Strategy of Supply and Demand, and applying it on the spot, LIVE market.. all Tradestations provided, need not bring the laptop...

We'll start off by educating you How the Financial Market really works, How the Banks & Institutions manipulate the markets and how to trade like them to be consistently profitable by not winning 100% all the time because it is impossible for anyone in the world to do that.

***Clue - Our Risk Reward Ratio is at least 1:3 - Guarantee if you lose 70% of the time and still can be profitable because our "Focus" is on "Risk Reward Ratio" not "Win Rate".. something that all Wall Street Traders understand.

Thereafter, we teach you, how to apply our "Patented Strategy of Supply and Demand" on the price chart, on any asset class. Forex,  Futures and Stocks.

In the evening, we will set up the Tradestations for you, and let you practice our Strategy on the LIVE market...

Plus... 4 more Bonuses for you

Bonus #1

Full set of printed notes, including our 3 Step Process to locate Supply / Demand,

Bonus #2

A Personal Customise Trading Plan that suits your current lifestyle and goals,

Bonus #3 & 4

2 Videos on How We Make Consistent Profits By Thinking, Behaving, and Trading Like The Banks & Institutions"...and Trading LIVE in front of our students from all over the world.

This is the first time we are doing this as Online Trading Academy is celebrating our 20th Anniversary. This is a give back to the community...We don't usually teach and showcase our Patented Strategy to people outside other than our students.. and also allow them to practice and trade at our training center...

Currently..We are left with less than 12 seats for the workshop.. and honestly, Online Trading Academy is very strict on students commitment level, if you're not committed enough to want to take charge of your financial destiny.. then this is not for you.

We only want students who are committed and can follow instructions. If you are what we are looking for...go ahead and fill up the form below and I'll see you on the other side.

Talk soon!

Aaron Yeo

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